Executive Search Services

Our 7 Step process for executive search:

  1. Understanding our Clients’ Needs – Our clients’ industry is unique and it’s our job to help identify each company’s essential needs.
  2. Target Search – A majority of the best talent is hidden from the internet. Face to face networking, personal connections, and quality referrals come from knowing every corner and detail about an industry that struggles to develop new talent.
  3. Initiate contact with Prospective Candidates – We evaluate the skills and talents of prospective candidates through rigid assessments as we anticipate challenges that reach far beyond a job description.
  4. Extensive Assessment – We know how valuable your time is, so we want to make a successful match the first time so as not to waste our clients’ time by presenting anything less than high-caliber candidates.
  5. Present Candidate Report – We narrow our list and submit concise reports to help you select talent well-suited for your business.
  6. Schedule Interviews and Assist in Negotiations – Our staff will expedite interviews and hiring questions by serving as a liaison throughout the full process.
  7. Follow up of Successful Performance – It’s important to us that we continue to monitor the performance of our candidates and that our clients are thoroughly satisfied.